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The real you is not what we see; what we see is your body, but how about your Soul and Spirit! Any religion can attest to the fact that your spirit man is attached to your faith, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc.


Spirit (or if you like, faith) is the driving force for any living being but for whatever reason, we are not so keen on Spiritual matters as compared to the physical outlook.


Why is it so easy to create time for a family holiday and never thought of creating one with your maker?!


Or why is it that people travel world over but never bother to visit Jesus' home town, Israel?!


Think about it…


If you are a Christian by now you must know that I’m talking about MAKING A DATE WITH JESUS; the giver of life, friends to the widows, father to the fatherless, the great comforter and Prince of Peace…


It’s sad to admit that more often than not, we pay attention to our Spirit being when we are hospitalized, bereaved, in difficulty or rejected by other people!


On this note, we are urging you all not to miss out on our special package “A DATE WITH JESUS”, 8-Days Pilgrimage to ISRAEL.


Sponsor someone, surprise your loved ones, a parent, an uncle, an auntie, a brother or sister; you have no idea how grateful they can be!


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