1- 3Days Mt. Kenya Hike

Day trip on Mt. Kenya

We realize that being a tourist is not always easy, especially for those who enjoy physical activity. After long hours spent sitting in minibuses, it is refreshing to know that there is at least one place in Kenya where you can stretch your legs and work off some of the extra calories you have accumulated from those fancy buffet luncheons.

Day trip:
Our day trip is designed for the visitor who has limited time and who is not interested in reaching any of the summits. This Safari is tailored to those who are interested in seeing the fascinating vegetation zones of an equatorial mountain and the associated rich animal and bird life.
On this safari departure from the lodge is 0800Hrs then drive to road head of the Naro Moru Track (altitude 3, 000m). Your guide sets a leisurely pace for a relaxing trek up the mountain. Stop at about 3, 600m for your picnic lunch and then continue your stroll to the crest of the ridge at 4, 000m, from which vantage point you have a splendid view of the main peaks as well as the Teleki valley, quickly descent to the met station and back to the lodge in time for dinner.
N/B: please be advised that the following items could be useful to you: water bottle, rain parka, light wool sweater and a pack for the camera and other gear. Enquire

A day trek to Ol’Donyo El’Satima (3, 900m) “Aberdare N/P”
Kenya's aberdares mountain ranges waterfalls
Ol Donyo El Satima” in Maasai means the mountain of the Satima tribe. The Satima Moran’s frequented this area for ceremonial purposes.
It is also the highest point in the Aberdares and is situated at the north most end of this folded and uplifted range.
Although there’s no permanent snow or ice, former glaciations are responsible for the formation of the large U-shaped valleys. The Aberdares lie along the edge of the Rift Valley and on clear days, magnificent views of Mt. Kenya to the east.
The drive to the Aberdare passes through interesting Savannah country, full of plains species of fauna and flora, the trough farmlands on the lower slopes and finally into the lush Aberdare National Park which is famous for its abundance of wildlife. At about 0930Hrs, we arrive at 3, 300m where our trek begins. The trek across this lovely afro-alpine moorland is like nothing else available in Kenya. The rolling open terrain is extremely attractive for walking and the possibility of seeing a number of animals including leopards, against a background of fantastic vegetation makes this trek very enticing. We picnic on top of El Satima after about three to four hours walk; we then drive back to the lodge arriving by 1800/1900Hrs to a sumptuous dinner.
N/B: Aberdare range is in high rainfall area, subject to sudden storms. A rain parka, water bottle, light wool sweater and day pack for camera and other gear are essential. Enquire 

3Days/2Nights foot Safari to Mt. Kenya
Designed for those who have a minimum amount of time and who want to reach the third highest peak Point Lenana. This challenging, non technical ascent can be made by any healthy person.
View of mount kenya peaks from mackinders valley
Day 1:
Morning spent sorting and organizing personal equipment for the trek. Lunch at the lodge (this is an extra charge). In the afternoon, drive to the road head of the Naro Moru track, to the met Station where we spend the night, a good day for acclimatization for we will be sleeping at an altitude of 3, 050m. A short hike is taken in the afternoon to gain and loose altitude.

Hike up into the Teleki valley where there is a spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time approximately 4-6Hrs, overnight at Mackinders camp (4, 100m).

A pre-dawn start is made to ensure a successful summit bid and in time for a clear view of the majestic summit scenery. After ascending Point Lenana, we return to our base camp and then proceed down the mountain and back to the lodge. Enquire

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